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Wow Someone with Etched Glass from The Oblique Pen

ETCH OP 2-6-14 300 300It just doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day. Do you really want to provide that “wow factor” the next time you give a present to family and friends? An engraved glass gift from The Oblique Pen Calligraphy Studio in Cary, North Carolina, is a guarantee you’ll delight someone with a touching keepsake that blends creativity with personal style. Artist Jessica Yee can craft your special message and image onto bottles, carafes, cruets, drinking glasses, serving dishes, vases and many other glass objects. Whether you are looking to celebrate the romance of Valentine’s Day, that special birthday, or a wedding, anniversary, or retirement; an etched gift shows how much you truly care. Glass, with its beautiful translucence, provides a perfect canvas for messages of affection or celebration.

Just imagine the number of ways The Oblique Pen can create a wonderful message for just the right occasion:

  • For Valentine’s Day, have a message, your loved one’s name, a heart, or special date engraved on a bottle of champagne that you can enjoy together. This year, The Oblique Pen is giving away to one lucky business a special bottle of wine that has been engraved with “Happy Valentine’s Day.” It is the perfect gift!
  • Weddings and anniversaries: Ask The Oblique Pen to create a meaningful gift by etching the couple’s names with their wedding date or anniversary year on a pair of wine glasses or a bottle of champagne. The Oblique Pen can always provide an array of ideas to add just the right message or image to that very special gift.
  • Retirement: Celebrate a special person’s retirement with a personalized glass item, such as a brandy glass or decanter set. 
  • Birthday: Does your friend or loved one enjoy food and cooking? Personalize a cruet or carafe with phrases or images designed just for their kitchen.

The Oblique Pen also offers a full range of traditional calligraphy products to express your unique message. Elegant papers, colorful inks and eye-catching designs make any item from The Oblique Pen a keepsake that will be treasured for years.

When you need to go beyond the ordinary, or simply just because it is the right time, The Oblique Pen will be your design partner to create one-of-a-kind gifts that will make everyone say “Wow!”


This post about calligraphy services in the Triangle NC is brought to you by The Oblique Pen in Cary NC!

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Let The Oblique Pen Be Your “Love Connection” this Valentine’s Day!

op 3It is coming! Valentine’s Day is nearly here.  If you don’t know yet what to give your best friend and sweetheart, let The Oblique Pen Calligraphy Studio in Cary, North Carolina, provide some professional guidance and experience. Artist and creator Jessica Yee, owner of The Oblique Pen crafts individual one-of-a-kind Valentine cards and gifts that are certain to say romance and love on Friday, February 14. With pens, brushes, custom lettering, colorful paper and beautiful inks, Jessica can fashion a romantic message in calligraphy that will capture your loved one’s heart. Add a custom card from The Oblique Pen to those traditional flowers and candy, or consider a bigger proclamation by commissioning a unique rare design and personalized work of art that merges an intimate and personal message with your sweetheart’s favorite colors and imagery. When complete, it will be ready for framing as a permanent statement of love.

If you want to make your gift something unforgettable, we offer four wonderful ideas from The Oblique Pen:

  • How about a traditional card with your personalized note inside: a standard Valentine’s Day card with a hand-crafted note inside and a beautifully addressed envelope outside is unique and special. The Oblique Pen can add your love note directly to the card or include a separate sheet of elegant paper.
  • Do you want to move beyond the classic ink and paper? Glass etching allows you to put a heartfelt message on a wine bottle or drinking glass, turning the ordinary beverage into an extraordinary display of your affection that is timeless and memorable.
  • Give a hand-lettered and illustrated love letter or poem. The beauty of professional calligraphy adds elegance to your message. Whether you use your own words or a sonnet from Shakespeare, The Oblique Pen will make sure that your words of devotion will be distinctive and unique.
  • The creativity of The Oblique Pen isn’t limited to just paper and glass. Contact them if you have any other type of material (woods, fabrics) that can use for signature design work.

When you offer your heart to someone this Valentine’s Day, let The Oblique Pen give your message the style it deserves.

Great memories begin with the stroke of a pen.


This post about calligraphy services in the Triangle NC is brought to you by The Oblique Pen in Apex NC!

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